About Kari

Kari Furre is a sculptor and swimmer: She works with metal and fishskin.

She tans fish skin using sustainable methods used by Nordic people, with oil or willow bark. Experimenting with different species of fish, bringing attention to the spirit of the animals by showing the amazing beauty of their skin, a material that is usually destined to be discarded. She is interested in process and technique, whether it be metal work, tanning process, or swimming. All the processes involve tacit experiential learning.

Kari worked for many years making objects for museum and heritage exhibitions, and has a sense of history from making diverse objects for displays. Her objects come from the sea and are about the sea, celebrating ancientness, preciousness, fragility and transcluscency.

Kari is represented by Charlotte Bowater of Guilded gallery. Kari's work is currently showing at the Crafts Council’s International Fair for Contemporary Objects: Collect, staged at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Short Film about Kari - 2016